Krusader strange behavior

I got a strange behavior in krusader mouse navigation.
If in left(or right) window i have a directory listing with scroll, and if i enter in a directory below the last visible item without scroll, then when i return on previous directory by clicking on “…” the “drag and drop” menu appear.

Here is a little video, illustrating this problem Krusader.avi

openSUSE - 11.3 x64
Krusader - Version 2.0.0 “Mars Pathfinder”
KDE - Version 4.4.4 (KDE 4.4.4) “release 2”

pixecs wrote:
> I got a strange behavior in krusader

sounds like a krusader programming problem (aka: bug) to me, and i can
only guess that the best place to ask about it is in

and/or, report a bug after searching to see if the problem is already
documented and under work:

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

Thanks for answer.
I will search and report, if necessary, this bug to krusader developers.