Krusader problems in 12.1

There are some bugs in krusader in 12.1:

  1. Internal edit and view does not work
  2. does not open compressed images as a gallery in gwenview

Both bugs are reported to bugzilla already ( 661366 and 712179, but I’m posting them here too, because these are two features I use quite often and right now I need to use another distro.
Does somebody know a quick fix? If there is a fix I can build updated packages on build service, but have no time t investigate the problem ( and I think nor enough skills ).

I also tried out the latest version of krusader, 2.4.0beta1, did not fixed it. On Mageia and Arch linux these features work with both stable and latest beta krusader.


Installing Kate, “zypper in kate”, fixed the empty view/edit window.