Krusader cannot browse zip archive

When trying to browse into a zip archive, Krusader just opens and opens forever (and the cursor rotates), but actually the archive is not opened. TGZ archives are opened. What can be the problem?

Krusader is 2.7.2 “Peace of Mind”, KDE is Framework 5.97.0, Plasma 5.25.4. Tumbleweed is 20220825. This problem is present for quite long time now (several months), I was hoping an update will fix it, but it is probably a local problem.

Install peazip-kf5:

zypper if peazip-kf5 
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

Information for package peazip-kf5:
Repository     : Main Repository
Name           : peazip-kf5
Version        : 7.6.0-bp153.1.35
Arch           : noarch
Vendor         : openSUSE
Installed Size : 1,7 KiB
Installed      : Yes
Status         : up-to-date
Source package : peazip-7.6.0-bp153.1.35.src
Upstream URL   :
Summary        : KF5 servicemenu for peazip
Description    : 
    PeaZip is a file and archive manager GUI for many formats.
    This subpackage contains the KF5 integration.

Thanks. It does not solve unfortunately. Maybe I was not precise with the problem, sorry for that. By browsing into the archive I mean pressing ENTER on the archive file to open the archive in place; i.e. in krusader itself. After installing peazip-kf5 nothing changed.

Now I checked in more detail the panel after pressing ENTER on a zip file. In the panel header it writes krarc: but after the path is empty (more precisely only the actual folder name is displayed, the name of the file or the full path is not). It seems like the file name is not passed to krarc. In case of tgz files the full path is shown.

Have you enable ‘open archive as directory’ in the settings?
Did you install all requirements as show in the settings?

Have you enabled ‘open archive as directory’ or something similar in the settings?
Are all Requirements installed as shown in the settings?

Yes, “Browse Archives as Folders” is enabled and everything is installed by yast, so I guess everything needed is installed. Packers are configured, and the configured zip and unzip packers are available.

I think this is the problem: Bug 455447 krusader with >=kio-5.95.0 is not able to open archives (rar, zip, 7z) any more
Unfortunately I cannot downgrade kio with yast (is it possible?), thus I have to wait for Krusader 2.8.