KRunner showing a phantom app that is no longer installed

When I press “ALT+SPACE” and type in “Blender”. I see an entry for a version that is no longer installed.
The other entry I added manually to the menu, which is pointing to a tarball extract.

My question is how to I remove the top entry, under “Applications”?

I can’t find where it’s coming from. I’ve search the menu and “Blender” shows up in one location, the one I added.

Did you reboot after removing. And how did you remove?? Running instance are not removed auto magically


What you typed into KRunner is located in the KRunner history –

  • <Alt-Spacebar> → the KRunner System Settings button at the left hand side →
    Open the KRunner System Settings → Button top right → “Clear History”.

Thanks that worked, I figured it was history. I got half way but didn’t see the “Clear” button!
They should just add the button to the KRunner pop-up.