krunner opening urls in konqueror from local cache files

yesterday I upgraded to Leap 42.1 from 13.2 and it went relatively smoothy - all my kde settings vanished, but the important things are still there! The main “annoyance” remaining is krunner - I use it a lot for opening URLs and google searches.

Currently installed:
and all updates applied

If I do “Alt-F2” then type “” then after a “copying…” popup notification the opensuse website opens in Konqueror, but with the “URL” /home/rich/.cache/kioexec/krun/6570_0_ but with no css/linked files/etc as the addresses are relative!

if I do a “gg:test”, I get /home/rich/.cache/kioexec/krun/6595_0_search with the Google results, but none of the links clickable - they go to “local” urls like:

I’ve removed the /home/rich/.kde4/share/config/krunnerrc file - is there anywhere else which might affect this?

Any other suggestions very welcome, I can’t seem to find anyone else having this problem!


Interestingly (I think) changing the default web browser in “Default Applications” to firefox and it works “perfectly” there… odd!