KRDP is not working for winserver2008

Hi all,

I updated a server here at work, from Windows 2000 Server to Windows 2008 Server. Looks like remote desktop protocol for 2008 is a new one.

Now I cannot remote desktop the server, I do know that it is probably the krdp that I have been using from these opensuse 10.3 and 11.0 workstations.

Is there an app that can remote desktop WinServer2008?



Long time user of Server 2008…but by no means a pro-Admin. I use 2k8 as a dev environment.

Try RDP’ing from an XP/Vista machine. If that doesn’t work, you got a “dee-duh-dee” moment->meaning you missed enabling RDP on the Server 2008 box, or you’re missing something network wise.

Just for reference since 2k8 is worlds apart from 2k/2k3.
Configuring Windows Server 2008 Remote Desktop Administration - Techotopia

Once you’ve double checked everything try it with KRDC again. If that doesn’t work, then try XP/Vista again. You’ll know specifically if it’s KRDC or if it’s server/network side.

Further Info:

Keep in mind if you’re runing Server 2008 in a “core” mode…none of this has any applicability and you’re going to be best served by drudging through the muck-yuck that is Microsoft’s documentation.

Just for reference, here’s the KRDC docs.
The Remote Desktop Connection Handbook

Yeah it’s not a specific response, sorry about that. Just figured I’d give you a way to triage what’s going on.

Sorry, Bud,

Forgot to mention that in my first post. I do actually remote in to the server with a Windows7 machine, so I do have it setup correctly on the server end.

I do know that it is the opensuse machines that cannot connect.

Is there an application that can?



Please check in the Remote Desktop settings of Winserver2008 if you selected the second option, which allows remote desktop connections from any version of the Remote Desktop client. The third option will only allow connections from Remote Desktop clients with Network Level Authentication support, such as Windows7 or Vista.


That was it, Admoel.

Didn’t realize about that setting,