KRDC/ Remmina not connecting, CLI XfreeRDP works

I want to connect to a Windows server, but both using KRDC and Remmina the connection is not set-up, under Tumbleweed. When I launch xfreerdp from the command line I can successfully log on to the server. That is not desired though. Also when I use Leap 15 running in a Virtualbox KRDC can connect to the same server without issue.

What can I try to fix this, sot that KRDC from Tumbleweed connects successfully?

Do you see any error messages, that could help us to identify the problem? Did you use with xfreerdp exactly the same options as with the GUI tools?

From KRDC it is known, that it tries to forward the not existent share /media, causing a connection failure.


Launch your connections using a command line in a console so you can see messages, or have an open journalctl console configured as follows so that you can see errors as they happen in real time

journalctl -f


Thanks for the suggestion! Replacing the /media value with a value that exists allows met to connect.