KRDC fails to connect with vnc server.

I recently installed vino on my debian computer to allow a remote desktop connection from my openSuse box. I’m trying to connect using Krdcm but when I hit connect, a blue screen appears and it just stays there.

I get this log on the VNC server:

advertised security type 'VNC' Authentication type 18 
advertised security type 'VNC' Authentication type 2
got connection from client local Ip address....
client protocol version 3.7
advertised security type 18
advertised security type 2
client returned security type 18
"TLS hand shake failed: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received."

The server is listening on the default port 5900. It reports security type is: ‘TLS’ (18) and authentication type is: ‘VNC Authentication’ (2).


I forgot to add, that I successfully connected from a windows machine using a vnc client. I believe the problem lies in the TLS negotiation, as the log clearly states. But, I have no idea what that problem is exactly.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.