KRDC Bookmark Editor problem


I am just trying out a new installation of 11.4 (KDE) but have an irritating problem when trying to set up bookmarks using the KRDC Bookmark Editor.
Whenever I try to add or amend a bookmark in a folder, I start typing in the name or location box and the text field clears itself and the root of the bookmark folder tree becomes selected, making it impossible to add bookmarks.
As I need to add around 200 bookmarks, this is really frustrating.

any suggestions?


I’ve got the same problem on my desktop with 11.3 and my laptop with 11.4. You select a bookmark to edit, or the new blank one you’ve just created, and start typing. At the third alphanumeric keystroke, suddenly the bookmark loses it’s focus - no longer highlighted.

I have almost 100 bookmarks and I can’t edit them or add new ones in the bookmark editor. Enough to make you pull your hair out.

Well, the solution is to upgrade to KDE 4.6.3 as the Opensuse repos aren’t updated past 4.6.0 :frowning:

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