kppp forzen in initializing modem... please help

kppp frozen in initializing modem… I wait for many second but no dialup, in configure panel set /dev/modem on modem , Query properly working , but when connect , in initializing modem… kppp stoped !!
please help me, friends

i assume your machine is dual boot Windows and the modem works ok in

if i assume correctly, then:

boot windows and with a text editor CAREFULLY (without changing
anything) open your registry and search for ATDT

when you find it, it will have ATDT followed immediately by a
telephone number (which is THE one you call to hook to your ISP) then
look around nearby…for a set of “AT Commands”
<> that begins like:

AT &

those are the usual first three characters of a modem initialization
string <> which
normally has a several (maybe a dozen or more) following
characters/numbers which are the “AT Commands” which set up your modem
correctly for YOUR ISP…if the AT Commands you find in your work for
Windoz they should work for Linux…so, find them in Win and use them
in the setup for kppp, and it should work…

if you do not find that string in your registry, then load the CD
which came from your ISP and look though the files on it for the
initialization string for YOUR modem (there may be several strings on
the CD)…

good luck…