Kpowersave is acting very oddly!

not entirely sure where to put this…so move it if needs be mods :slight_smile:

right… it’s been happening long enough now, so time to see if i can get it solved. using suse 11.0 and this error happens on kde3.5 and 4.0 and 4.1.

upon lid close of my laptop, the system just crashes completely, hold in off/on button to turn it off. the strange thing is, if i open kpowersave and say lock screen on lid close, and lock screen with: select automatically, and click apply and leave the window open, i shut the lid, screen goes blank, open lid type in password and it’s fine. if i click accept and then ok to close the window, and then close the lid, the screen stays on, the clock stops, and everything just halts. nothing responds, mouse stops, music playing plays the same few split seconds of the track over and over again.

anyone know what’s causing this? :\