Kpowersave doesn't detect battery mode first time around


I recently installed opensuse 11/kde 3.5.9 on my laptop, an hp pavilion ze4900.

I’m having this really weird problem, for every booting instance, kpowersave (0.7.3) does not detect the disconnection of power the first time it happens; yet things work fine on subsequent attempts (until I reboot again).

What I mean is, I turn on my laptop which is connected to the charger, I disconnect it from the charger, and kpowersave still thinks it’s connected. I reconnect it, then disconnect it for a second time, and that’s when kpowersave realizes that it’s disconnected. From this point on it seems to work correctly.

It also works correctly if I turn the laptop on without being connected to the charger to begin with.

Checking /var/log/messages I can’t really find any messages related to connecting/disconnecting the adapter.

Any ideas?


I have the same problem, although I use KDE 4. Described it here: SuSE 11 / KDE 4 / Annoying problems with KMix & KPowersave - openSUSE Forums
Take a look, maybe it will somehow help you. There are some possible reasons described, yet there’s no solution :frowning:

I have the same problem. Described it here: SuSE 11 / KDE 4 / Annoying problems with KMix & KPowersave - openSUSE Forums
Take a look, maybe it’ll somehow help you, although there’s no solution described.

Actually, I started out with KDE4 and had the exact same problems that you were having and stumbled on the post you mentioned. Eventually I decided that KDE4 is too bleeding edge for me and went back to good old KDE3.5

The problem is a bit different with KDE3.5 though; laptop mode does work, but not the first time around (i.e. first disconnection). Plus the KMix problem is gone as well.


I thought the same thing at first, but then left it unplugged and after a couple minutes, kpowersave realized the cord was no longer plugged in. Odd because two laptops, and only one exhibits the problem.

Thanks for your reply.

More than five minutes disconnected so far and kpowersave still hasn’t realized that the cable is disconnected.

Any idea what kind of event triggers the cable disconnection though?

Well, after reading your post I checked it on my laptop, and it behaves the same way, i.e. first disconnection isn’t recognized, while the second is. But later, not always does KPowersave notice that I unplugged my notebook.
So I guess that it might not be connected with KDE version.

When it comes to KMix, I’ve read the problem was solved in some recent updates :wink: