Kpowersave and performance

Ok, here’s a question: I have an AMD Phenom™ II X4 810 Processor. I am running the OpenSuse 11.1 64 bit KDE edition. When I go to Configure Desktop - Powersave - Edit Profile - CPU and System, the default setting for the CPU scaling frequency is Dynamic (On Demand). However, with this setting, Flash applications and desktop effects are slightly jerky (especially Flash, though I gather this is to be expected). Changing it to the Performance Setting, everything works fine. However, changing the same settings in Kpowersave (which is configured to startup on login) doesn’t seem to do anything, regardless of what profile I have chosen in Desktop Settings. Apparently, the Desktop Settings choice takes precedence over Kpowersave.

Is that supposed to happen? If so, is there any reason to have Kpowersave loaded in the first place? Why doesn’t the OnDemand setting give the performance increase expected when I am running Flash apps or with desktop effects etc? The system seems to perform very well with the Performance Setting for CPU freq, but I would like to keep the CPU temp down if possible.

Any suggestions?

This is kde3 then?!
I used kde3 _64 in 11.0 and never had issue with dynamic, which I always used and I always managed it from kpowersave in the panel… As far as I am aware the to config areas are basically the same.

Thanks for the quick reply caf. Sorry, my fault, I should have mentioned I am using KDE 4.1, although, now that you mention it, the Kpowersave that loads up seems to be the one for KDE 3.5.
The configuration areas for KPowersave and Desktop Settings are very similar (if you ignore the theme part). Is the desktop settings version the equivalent of Kpowersave (KDE3) for KDE 4.1? Is that why Kpowersave (KDE3) doesn’t do anything?

Sorry, I am not quite sure yet how using the equivalent KDE3 applications in KDE4 works, so this may ultimately be a very simple question.

Still, any ideas why the CPU’s performance doesn’t seem to increase with increased load? This happens with some applications (e.g. MATLAB, flash within Opera), while others (mplayer, Crossover Windows apps) don’t seem to have the same issue…

If you have installed some kde3 apps or the kde3 base it will be there, but you can delete it. Then you can configure powerdevil for kde4.

To remove, open a terminal and become su and do:

zypper rm kpowersave kpowersave-lang

reboot and then enter Configure Desktop and manage powerdevil there.

Thanks, caf. I have indeed installed some packages that have to do with KDE3 and KDE3 base, although I think they were pre-selected during my installation. I think I’ll keep 'em around, I have space available and I don’t want to risk breaking anything!

I take it powerdevil is the ‘Configure Desktop’ module dealing with power management. Any ideas why performance doesn’t increase on demand?

I just suggested removing kpowersave which is fine. Did you do that? So you can now manage with powerdevil. If powersave is still installed and active, powerdevil will give you a error about this.

I use this and it works fine:](

Just to add, that screen shows Powersave setting, but I run on Performance all the time really, but the cpu setting is the same ‘Dynamic’

I didn’t remove it but its not active and not listed in the running processes, plus I don’t receive any error message. Powerdevil is disabled in the System Services menu, but performance still depends on the ‘Configure Desktop’ settings.

Maybe its time for me to leave well enough alone…

Thanks for all your help!

Dude. Delete them as I said

zypper rm kpowersave kpowersave-lang

Get powerdevil setup.

Ok, I removed the kpowersave from the system and setup powerdevil. I’m keeping everything on ‘Performance’, though, at least for a while, and see how that works out.

Thanks for all your help!