Kpilot Not working

I am running Suse 11.0 and when I start up kpilot and press sync on my Treo nothing happens. The version of kpilot in this distro is 4.9.4-3510. Any help would be most welcome as i am somewhat new to all this.

I’m in a similar situation. Moved from open SUSE 10.2 to openSUSE 11.0/KDE 3.5 (clean install) and now I can’t make my Treo 600 connect. I’ve tried kpilot and opensync/kitchensync, but neither is able to find the device. kpilot/pilot-link FAQs don’t give an answer. On a ‘lsusb’ output the device is not visible either. So it seems to be something in openSUSE, not kpilot? Any suggestions (except for buying a paper diary)?