KPackageKit not downloading updates

My KPackageKit is not downloading any update, it shows updates, I click apply, I authenticate, then it asks me to accept an agreement, after which it returns to an empty KPackageKit (as if there were no updates). If I open it again, there are the possible updates again (naturally, since it didn’t download anything).

Any ideas?

Become su - in a terminal

zypper up

oh~!!! yeah! Thank you very much and sorry for the stupid question… in other news, it said nothing to do, so I suppose KPackageKit was lying to me >_>

I configure it not to check for updates, it’s a bit buggy anyway.

Not a stupid question either.

You update graphically with Yast > Software > Online Update
or Yast > Software > Software Management (and then do)

Interestingly it fails as you describe with one user but works perfectly with another user; so it looks as if the cause of the failure is an obscure KDE configuration bug. I cannot think of anything which is significantly different between the two users.

All the update managers work for me but I still don’t use them.