kpackagekit last action log


is there a way to see what packages did kpackagekit installed? I downloaded an rpm ( tixati, a bittorrent client ) and the default file open handler in firefox was set to kpackagekit, so I let kpackagekit to install. The really ugly part was that besides of installing the downloaded rpm, it installed every package that was pulled in by opensuse patterns, but I blocked because I did not need them.
So after an hour and half of work from yesterday, when I uninstalled the unneded stuff and blocked a lot, today kpackagekit installed for me vim, marble, spamassassin. kmag and a lot of others

So is there a log anywhere to see what just packagekit did? The history from the kpackagekit gui doesn’t show anything.
PS: I use openSUSE 11.4 32bit, KDE, up to date, no factory or build service repos added.

Thank you!