KOrganizer unlinks Google calendar after update to 21.12.2-lp153.182.2

Korganizer and much of akonadi and KDE updated today. When I opened my KOrganizer, my linked Google calendar was initially there but disappeared almost immediately. I tried linking the calendar again and needed to reauthorize the link on Google. Upon doing that, the usual window popped up in KOrganizer showing the Google calendars and to do lists I had available and the usual option to enable interval checking. When I clicked apply nothing showed up in KOrganizer. When I clicked OK, again no calendar showed up in KOrganizer. I tried this several times, always with the same result. This is the same procedure I used to originally link the Google calendar. It seems to be a KOrganizer problem as the GMail IMAP account I access through KMail still works fine.

I am using the KDE-Frameworks, KDE-QT5, and KDE-Applications repositories. I am using these repositories instead of the base repositories because when I initially upgraded to 15.3 from 15.2, KMail stopped working. The version from the alternate repositories worked perfectly, hence the switch. I have had no other problems with any of the KDE apps since installing 15.3 in July.

Is there any fix? Thanks for your help.

Another detail - the linked calendar shows up on the calendars page in Korganizer’s general settings. It does not show up either in the calendar panesl in the main display nor, obviously, in the calendar itself.

There is a bug reported https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=449024
A patch has been done but not yet in opensuse updates. This patch only skips the contacts problem, so you can see the calendar but waiting for the resolution of the google contacts that has been deprecated.