KOrganizer is scheduling randomly.

Using KOrganizer 4.1.0 under SuSE 11.0.
When attempting to schedule a meeting with an email invite, the result is somewhat random. The “new event” page is set the correct date, and time. The scheduled event in my host calendar can be on a different day, different week, or even a different time. For example, I sent out an invite yesterday, for this Friday October 31st at 5:00PM for one hour. It was placed in my calendar for November 7th at 5:57 for one hour. Another placed a 5:30 appointment in the 10:00 AM slot.

I never had this problem with 10.3, and I can’t image the KDE team would release a component that behaves this way.

Is this problem indicative of a RAM, or some other hardware problem? Or, is the software not installed correctly?

Thank you in advance for any help.