Korganizer Calendar Syncing on home network

OpenSUSE 10.3 KDE 3.4

My wife & have a home network and we both use KOrganizer for e-mail, addresses, and “Calendar”. I am adding a 3rd computer to our home network which will be in another part of our home and I want to “SYNC” its “Calendar” & settings with MY computer.

The goal is to be able to make “Calendar” changes on either computer on our home network and have the changes reflected on “BOTH” computers.

Thank you
Jackie & Ken

not sure if it works with korganiser (i can’t see why not) but webdav may be a solution.

i have sunbird calendar client installed on several computers (including at work - outside of my home lan); also there is a machine configured with apache and webdav; all the clients point to the “MyCalendar.ics” file hosted on it.

add a new entry on PC1, within a few mins, it’s synchronised to the other clients

great success

I appreciate your suggestion. I do believe WebDAV is compatible with KOriginizer.

Since posting, I updated Korganizer and discovered that version 4.5.9 has more options in the “settings > sidebar > show resource view > which now includes the option “Calendar in remote file” which is what I want. There are also the options to setup connections for about 10 off-site servers that are compatible with Korginizer, some I have seen on line and some I had not come across yet. However, if at all possible I want to keep my appointments and to-do’s on my own computers. my last option is to have my calendar off-site.

From my 2nd computer I navigated to the 1st computers std.ics file via samba and now, every time I boot the 2nd computer it updates it’s Calendar to match the primary Calender on the 1st computer. However, when KOrginizer on the 2nd computer tries to make subsequent updates (vi the timer) I get “Access Denied. Could not write to smb://ken*” . When I make an entry to the calendar on the 2nd computer and it tries to update the primary std.ics file, I get “Access Denied. Could not write to smb://ken*” .

So! it seems my issue is now more about folder/file permissions for samba to do what I want. Or, perhaps I should be using sftp/ssh or fish on my home network.

Thank you
Ken & Jackie](http://www.jkvetter.net)