Korganizer auto start

I am really liking this app and it has me on a mission to get my tasks better organized.

So, is there a way to auto start it whenever I boot up ?

I looked all over for Autoexec.bat and surprise, surprise, I could not find it.:’(
Just kidding of course and thanks

I think I might have figured it out.
Create a txt file (oops that might not work) in
~/.kde4/Autostart which holds this:

Not sure if a txt file will execute nor if the /usr/bin/korganizer is correct format for execute. Maybe I need a run or su or something else on it. Well, I will see.
Hey, Linux is funnnnn.

Right click it in the tray and select to startup

Nothing like this is necessary.
KDE automatically restarts all programs that were running when you logout/shutdown/reboot.

So just leave KOrganizer running and it should get started on the next login. :wink:

You guys make this too darn easy.

FYI if you put a file in ~/.kde4/autostart folder it should be a script and permissions set to execute. A script is a text file that start with the line


followed with bash script code you want to run

Much like a bat file but much much better

Yee Gods, but this can be scary !
And I take back what I said about it being fun.

Let me tell you what happened and how I fixed it.
Gogal, I think you hold the key about how I made that file.
Anyway I had the simple one line of /usr/bin/korganizer
in a file in Autostart and that thing caused all kinds of weird stuff to happen after I rebooted.
1st was that Kate (my Python editor) was auto invoked ( I think openSuse or something knew that the file in Autostart was hosed and wanted me to fix it.

Since I had no clue what to do, the system hung up, everything except the mouse movement stopped. I had to power off a few times to start it again.
When I say a few times is because rebooting into “safe” mode, threw me into an endless loop of displaying the lizard, show some bootup statements, show the lizard, etc,endlessly.
What I finally had to do was to boot off of a USB, delete that stupid, 1 statement file, and reboot.
And TADA, here I am.

I dare any of you to include that file in your Autostart folder.
WOW !!! How could that little thing cause such grief.

Anyway, I am back in business but a bit leery.

My reputation is preserved. If it can be broken, I will break it. rotfl!

Did you make the file executable? Could you post the exact content?

But as I said, it should be enough to just have KOrganizer (or any other program) running on logout for it to be restarted on login.

And if you already used KOrganizer you should get the “KOrganizer Reminder Client” started on login. Just click on that icon (normally hidden, so click on the green up-arrow) in the system tray to open KOrganizer.

I can do the same damage with one line in autoexec.bat LOL

Well let see why. if you did not put the bash header line in then the system sees an executable file but does not what kind so trys to run but it does not know how to interpret the file. Or at least an error is thrown and KDE stops maybe in an infinite loop or just hung

The bash header line doesn’t matter in this case, but the file has to have the executable bit set (“chmod +x”).
Otherwise KDE treats it as simple text file, which of course should be opened with a text editor (Kate).

And since Kate doesn’t return to the calling process until it is closed, the login process hangs at this point then. (for KOrganizer this is no problem because it forks itself to the background)

Forgot to mention:
Another easier way to make KOrganizer autostart is to enter “Configure Desktop”->“Launch and Quit”->Autostart. Click on “Add Program…” and select KOrganizer in the dialog (standard application menu structure, so it would be in Office->Calendar).

Just my opinion folks, but I think openSUSE let me down.
It ought to protect itself from newbies like me.
I should not be able to make it do this.
It should have trapped my mistake somehow.

hextejas wrote:

> Just my opinion folks, but I think openSUSE let me down.
> It ought to protect itself from newbies like me.
> I should not be able to make it do this.
> It should have trapped my mistake somehow.

To this cowboy that sounds like something the ol lady would come up with:

“Why does it do what I tell it to do instead of what I WANTED it to do?” :wink:

Personally, I just drop a copy of the calendar app from tht menu to the tool
bar. If you have any reminders pending, the deamon is auto started as a
background process and you get pop-up notices when ever you have them setup
so you actually don’t need to do anything beyond specifying that reminder
when you set up a todo or event.

Will Honea