Anybody know how to get Kopete to connect Yahoo Japan?
It’s a separate network to the usual Yahoo messenger network.

Not sure about Kopete, but I believe the latest version of Pidgen may be compatible with Yahoo! Japan. Its available from the oss repo.

Pidgin does have a yahoo japan option - but even using this I get an “unknown error number 1” message when trying to log in.

OK - got Pidgin sorted.
The version available in the OSS reepo does not support yahoo Japan - although the interface is there for it.
The backend for it has been enable in the latest version of pidgin 2.4.3xx

The problem I have here though is that apparently Pidgin does not support webcam on Yahoo so basically that rules out the use of Pidgin.

Others are able to use Kopete on Yahoo Japan (with webcam) so I would just like to know how to get it going???

I suggest contacting the Kopete developers. Maybe you can get technical support from Yahoo! Japan as well.

Contacting the Kopete developers is easier said than done. From what I can see - the only way to contact them is to file a bug @ kde.org (which I have done).

Yahoo Japan support suggest using the web messenger as they do not support any linux clients (pretty much the same response you get if you contact Yahoo.com for support regarding linux - they just don’t want to know)

Look at the development team from the link I gave you. The developers are listed with their email addresses. Worth a shot. :slight_smile: