Kopete with ICQ and invisibly does not go yet


I use Yahoo, MSN and ICQ under Kopete. My problem is however with ICQ.
Since the older KDE versions has I problems with the invisibility function of ICQ in Kopete.
If I dont have invisibility funktion I get Spam.
I go with ICQ online disconect kopete automatically, as soon as my 24 hours separation of the provider comes or I must shut down kopete manually the invisibility funktion is off.

I hoped, which would become better it with KDE4, but it became worse. The invisibility funktion scolded yourself now not only after the 24 hours separation of the provider out, but simply so occasionally.
And I already see messages, which me was added to any lists, although I have the function " Authorizing necessarily, before you add someone to its contact list" Activated.

I white not whether I errors with stop made or whether it is because of Kopete.

Kopete version the 0.60.3 under KDE 4.1.3 releases 4.9

Desires became I additionally the function, which needs someone only my authorizing, in order to be able to write me Messages.

Sorry for my bad Englisch…:X

Hmm I don’t understand your problem at all, but I could tell you about my experience with ICQ protocol on the lastest Kopete build (for KDE 4.1.3 from Factory Stable repo). I think the property which is responsible for authorization need related to contacts not in your list works fine, but you’re right with that invisibility :expressionless: Btw my independent opinion is that the ammount of spam provided mostly by unknown Russian UIN’s is getting low with the fact that you won’t reply to those messages anymore (or leave them as they are). Anyway now I’m not bound strongly to that protocol, though majority of my friends use it.

I would like to be visible only for my friends and for all other different invisibly.
But it does not go, because the invisibility function constantly switch off itself.
If invisibility function is switched off, I see listing my ICQ number on others am added and I get Spam.
Although an authorizing to add my ICQ number is necessary.
That is annoying, which I cannot protect my privacy.