Kopete cant connect to facebook chat

since yesterday kopete is showing error “your account is temporary unavailable”

though i can access facebook in browser.

updated system to 4.8.5, but still no luck


Are you sure the problem is with kopete, rather than the chat service?

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facebook and chat in facebook is working fine…

Well, I can only suggest trying another client (eg pidgin), and see if you can connect.

facebook and chat in facebook is working fine…

That may not be relevant. The web-interface probably does not rely on XMPP connectivity.

I tried an another account and that is working fine…so its not a kopete issue i think…

I’m not a facebook user, but assuming it is not an authentication issue, could it possibly be due to some settings within the affected account?

i didnt change any setting… its weird the same account is not working with pidgin also… though i can access facebook via browser :frowning:

I think you should get better help by asking some facebook forums or support (not sure what they have I’m not a heavy user). Of course you are welcome to stay here for help. I don’t know what the problem might be.


I had this problem as well. I have found this error is related to Facebooks security settings. The way I have been able to fix it is to turn off “Login Approvals” in your “Account Settings - Security”. This is not ideal because I like the idea of login approvals on strange devices but I also use Kopete a lot as it’s handier for Facebook chat if you do not want to have a browser window open.

Thanks for suggestion, but I already tried that and its not working… I also tried pidgin but thats also not working with facebook.

This only confirms to me that the problem lies with your Facebook settings. Kopete started working straight away ones I lowered Facebooks complex and ever changing security settings… And the fact that 2 third party apps that thousands of people around the world use successfully don’t work for you backs this up…

Facebook chat through Kopete works like a charm here.

I tried everything but its not working… tried another account with same security settings (disabled) and its working, but not with my facebook id :frowning: