kopete and msn-videochat

how does it work to use the videochat in kopete for an msn-account. Could not find any information.
Cam is working in kopete, but i didnt found the videochat button or something like this. Only an Textchat is working. There is no netmeeting- or msn-modul. Lots of people say it would work - is this an fake? :confused:

aMSN 0.97.2 is not working properly, cause it is only an one-way-videochat, and campicture is only in small-size. normal resolution is not supportet in aMSN using my cam.

cam (Logitech E3500) works fine in luvcview or kopete. kopete without an “Standard”-Selection-item. Does not work in gqcam.

opensuse 11.1
kopete 0.70.2 *114

I can confirm that it works because I used it before.
Don’t remember how I set it up, but you need to login using the MSN account. To test it, I had created some fake accounts.

I threw away all those chat accounts sometime back. I don’t enjoy chatting and seeing those “slow and ugly picture frames”. Chat rooms are filled with youngsters and bots, May be I am too old for all those :wink: