Kopete and GPG Cryptography


I’m trying to configure Kopete to use GPG cryptography, but there is no cryptography plugin included. I see one for a different protocol, OTR, but not the normal cryptography plugin. On another system using Gentoo, I’m able to install and configure the cryptography plugin. I searched Yast, this forum, and the web but was unable to find any specific information about this issue on OpenSuse 11.1.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Did you try kgpg?


Yes, I have kgpg installed and it appears to be functioning correctly. I see all the keys in my key chain and I am able to sign outgoing email using my key.

Instant messaging clients use OTR and you need to generate keys for your chat accounts. After doing that, you can set preferences for each contact.
You can do these things in Kopete itself. Inside the configuration window, make sure that you checked OTR. Then, press on the configure button of OTR (spanner icon), generate keys for each account and then set preferences for each contact.