Kontrol (Terminal) Default Font Size


This time extremely briefly one:
Is there any option to set up Kontrol (Terminal) default font size?

If yes could any guru (I see all here are gurus except I) share the trick?
Thank you in advance.

If you mean konsole (and if not please tell which distribution and desktop):

Settings > Configure Konsole > Profiles
[select a profile] > Edit Profile > Appearance

Certainly I meant KONSOLE.
I have been stil lost among this k-terminology.

I would like to change/set up a default Konsole text size. Make it a bit bigger by default.

Open konsole, then:

Choose a font.

Thank you. Got it :slight_smile:

The default can be set in “Configure Desktop”->“Fonts” (the “fixed width font”).
Of course that won’t have effect any more if already configured a specific one in Konsole’s profile settings though… :wink:
But that will also affect other (KDE) applications that use a fixed width font.