Kontakt fails to start - 100% CPU usage


I run on my computer various versions of openSUSE. To share my DATA, I
have created a /data partition that is mounted in the various openSUSE
versions. The /data partition contains next to my music, film, foto
collection, my documents, my mail and my addressbook data.

Recently I installed a new versiom of openSUSE 11.1/ KDE3.5.10.
During the setup/configuration of this version I changed the addressbook
resource directory to /data/frans/kabc/std.vcf. Somewhat later I
noticed that the Kontakt application was aborted and I tried to restart
it without results. The TOP command shows shat KONTAKT application
consumes nearly 100% of CPU. I killed the application. Undoing my
setup/configuration mentioned earlier does not solve the problem.

In all my other openSUSE versions the same setup/configuration still
functions correctly (sharing my DATA)

Any idea what can be wrong? How I can find out what went wrong and how
to correct the situation

Regards / Groeten,