Kontact Won't Start When Transferring Files

I’m running 64 bit OpenSuse 11.2 on a Lenovo T61. I’m using the KDE4 desktop. And I have 4 GB of Ram.

I’ve noticed an odd situation.

I keep backup files on a large USB drive (750GB) and when I’m in the middle of transferring files, Kontact, the KDE-PIM, will not start. In this particular case, the files are being transferred from an NFS networked drive on another computer through my laptop to a USB drive plugged into the laptop.

It works fine if I start Kontact first, and then initiate the transfer. But if I shut down Kontact, and then try to start it, the icon bounces for a while and goes away. Nothing starts.

Any ideas on why this occurs? And how to fix it?

One other item. When it;s in the locked up state, it does something to the video when I reboot- the dsiplay is very dark until I reset the defaults in bios.