Kontact -Kmail in Tobleveed

I have multiple issue .1-st I cant add second account in kmail .Contacts and Calendar a not show in Kontact .Application start up whit delay .Processor go to 70%-80%. And it is difficult to close application.
It is 17.04.0-1.1.
Any advice are welcome!

akonadi_imap_re[3304]: segfault at 10 ip 00007f636cf9e301 sp 00007ffc8e37b7d0 error 4 in libKF5MailTransport.so.5.5.0[7f636cf73000+4e000]
 1037.090197] akonadi_imap_re[5360]: segfault at 10 ip 00007fe1f3399301 sp 00007ffcc808e680 error 4 in libKF5MailTransport.so.5.5.0[7fe1f336e000+4e000]
 1040.385865] akonadi_imap_re[5448]: segfault at 10 ip 00007f990ecf2301 sp 00007ffefdaf2560 error 4 in libKF5MailTransport.so.5.5.0[7f990ecc7000+4e000]

That is dmesg answer

Only 1 problem is now cant add new account imap in kmail!

It’s a known problem, IMAP resources currently crash when you try to configure them.
A fix has been submitted yesterday, but that may still take a while to reach Tumbleweed.

You could try to download and install the kdepim-runtime package from KDE:Applications though: