Kontact google calendar sync always says 'invalid password'

I’m trying to use Akonadi to sync kontact with my google kalendar on opensuse 11.3.

I’ve installed the akonadi-googledata and libgcal0 packages from KDE:Extras and followed these instructions: stealthcopter.com » Setting up google calendar with Kontact (or korganiser) using akonadi

The problem is that the Akonadi Google Calendar resource keeps saying I’ve entered an invalid password. I’ve tried logging into gmail with a browser and confirmed I’m putting in the right password and username.

Anyone have any ideas? The only thing I can think of is that here in Germany gmail.com gets redirected to mail.google.com due to some trademark dispute, could this be tripping up Akonadi?

I have the same problem. Somebody please help.

I have the same problem (Invalid password) when tried akonadi-googledata to sync my contacts with google mail. I have my email address ending with @gmail.com but still, I am not able to use it.

I’ve opened a bug: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=642813

Let’s see if they can do anything to help

Go to Start|System Settings|Network Settings|Proxy and select Connect to the Internet directly.

Things should work now.

No luck for me, now it says ‘Failed getting last updated event’

That seems to be another issue. It appears authentication has succeeded though.

Yeah although it’s still a bug that the authentication didn’t work at first - I’m not using any proxies and no other KDE apps have any connectivity problems. I’ll update the bug with this FWIW.

Now I need to try solving this ‘Failed getting last updated event’. Anyone have any ideas how to debug Anokadi stuff? Does it create log files anywhere?

I set all this stuff up yesterday. Can you check the following:

  1. Is Akonadi Server running? - try starting Kontact or do “akonadictl start”
  2. Have you added the Google Calendar resource to Calendar in “KDE Resources”?
  3. Have you added a Google Calendar Akonadi resource in Kontact?

After I did these, I have sync between my Android Phone/Google Calendar/Kontact on openSUSE-11.3.

I am not able to authenticate. However, I am able to authenticate from a C program using the libgcal library.

the akonadi resource works with kontact very well, after inputting only the username (without using @gmail.com) and the password.

do not use the complete id.

FYI - I was able to get Kontact to sync with standard Google accounts (ie someone@gmail.com) but have been unable to make it work with a premium Google account where you own your own Domain.

Obviously the sync applet isn’t built to accomodate passing custom domain strings (related to re_sam post) or what I also suspect is that Google implements a different authentication method.

Although I’ve been only musing about this issue and haven’t tried to resolve this in practice, I’ve theorized that the most practical approach would be to create a “proxy” standard gmail account, configure sharing mail from the premium account to the standard account which can be sync-d with Kontact.