Kontact crashes on start

All of a sudden Kontact reports an error (froma GUI window) everytime I try to start it, namely

Could not create collection trash, resourceId: 3


Trying to start it from CLI give some more info, but not much:

log_akonadicore: Failed SpecialCollectionsRequestJob::slotResult "Could not create collection trash, resourceId: 3"

What went wrong and how to fix it?

I’ve tried to launch the individual programs: KOrganizer and KAddressBook when started this way don’t have any problem, KMail gives me the said errors.

Please show

zypper lr -d

and tell us if this was a clean TW install or an upgraded Leap / 13.x

Thank you, but I have already managed to solve this. I have deleted an email account and re-created it, and now everything works fine (well, at least as fine as akonadi can work).