Kontact Component Backup ??

How is the best way to backup the emails, calendars (both events and to-dos), address book and journal in Kontact?

Is there a way to archive it all at once or is is a matter of exporting each component (eg: contacts to a .csv file) separately?


Backup .local. If you regularly backup /home, this will happen anyway.

Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply.

If I use System Backup in Yast, can I extract specific files (an old email exchange for example) later? However I backup, I would like it to serve as a permanent archive.


the yast backup seems to be a mystery no one admits to using it LOL

There are a lot of file based backup

rdiff-backup current copy is a mirror; older are rdifss.
rsnapshot current copy is a mirror; older are hardlinks
and new files.
pdumpfs (http://0xcc.net/pdumpfs)
Back-In-Time (http://backintime.le-web.org/)

List borrowed from Carlos LOL

Note rsync based backup has to go to Linux formatted drives. ie don’t use Windows formatted drives

If you regularly backup /home, this will happen anyway.
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Depending on the size of your /home partition, that could be to a DVD, a USB flash drive or a USB hard drive. All of them allow easy access - but I always store backups off site. So access means bringing them back on site. With three flash drives, you can use the child, parent, grandparent backup system.

However, if you want to retain older versions of files, do not use rsync -a as it overwrites older versions with the new version.

and :slight_smile:
systemback + relinux :wink:

Add me to the list. I don’t see much documentation on it. I ran it just to see what happens. It made a folder called “Media” on my removable hard drive. I cannot open it or delete it. I have no idea what to do with it.

Making a .tar.gz of /home (as suggested by john_hudson) to removable media once a month will probably suffice for my needs. Does anyone see anything wrong with that?