Kontact and CalDav

Hi there,
i’m new with linux world and with opensuse’s kde environment.

I’ve enabled webdav support in my synology nas.
I’ve created 3 calendars in a specific path and now i want to manage them using a client.
Now i’ve tested with Thunderbird’s Ligthning plugin and works well.
A cause of my work i need to use kontact to get syncs.
But after the configuration in kontact (or korganizer), it seems that no sync happened and there are no entries in my calendar.
How is it possible? What’s the issue?

Many thanks for every help.:slight_smile:

Hello and welcome here.

Even in the Linux world people are not clairvoyant. ;)Thus please always tell what you use, in this case (and most other cases) e.g. the version of openSUSE. Thank you.

oh, i’m sorry :’(

I’m using a Synology nas ds211j through Lan
And opensuse 13.2 with akonadi, kontact updated to 4.14.6-16.2

So guys while i was waiting for someone to know something more about it, I thought of a temporary solution that does not use caldav:
I create a shared folder that the nas makes available through CloudStation client application and ask Korganizer to use that folder as the location to save the calendar. In this way I am able to bypass the problem, although it is not a true solution as the protocol used is another.

I look forward to something new …