Kontact 4.0.82 version

I installed the KDE 4 version of Kontact last week, and it somewhat worked for me, despite a few bugs. I updated to the latest packages, and while the invidual apps load (Kmail, Kaddressbook, etc) when I load Kontact, I don’t get the summary view or anything anymore. I get a new welcome screen that says welcome to Kontact 1.3. It has three links, for the manual, website and configure Kontact as a Groupware client. There is an option to “skip this introduction” but that always seg faults.

I tried to install the older package (4.0.80 I believe - on a Windows box at the moment) which is in the factory repo, but it said there was a library I needed that nothing provided, so I can’t roll back.

Anyone else run into this?

This sounds like https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=398807

It is marked as fixed. I guess I just wait for the next build to hit the repo. Thanks!

I guess not. I just upgraded to 4.82.13 and even though the bug is listed as “fixed” in 4.82.12, it still is missing that file.

Same problem here in freshly installed opensuse 11.0 GM and kontact is 4.0.80.
I’ll upgrade kontact later and see if thats gonna help.

I’m having the same problem with Kontact 1.2. I select the skip option and bam, it crashes :confused:

I reopened the bug.