Konqueror works with ip not url


New to openSUSE KDE4.

I have a good connection to eth0.

I can ping Google and I get back ip I place this ip in Konqueror and I see the Google screen ok.
I enter url Google into Konqueror and I get a dns failure.

Firefox was doing the same thing. The solution to fix Firefox is to type “about:config” Go down the list untill you see network.dns.disableipv6.
Toogle to true. Firefox then worked fine.

Please help me with this problem.

I tried one more thing. I started yast and under desktop set KDE_USE_IPV6 to no. Also their were two of these both set to no. Firefox works but not Konqueror. Confused.

You can also switch ipv6 off in Yast → network devices → network settings → global. But I don’t know if that helps – try it?

Thank you Swerdna.


Hope this helps other newbie’s like me.