Konqueror won't remember gmail username

On openSUSE 12.1 x64, KDE 4.9.

I have recently started trying out Konqueror as a replacement for Firefox. So far I like it, but I’m having one issue with it. When I log into gmail, the password field is filled in by KWalletManager, but it won’t remember my username so I have to type it in every time. I have tried deleting the entry for gmail from KWallet. When I go back to gmail, it asks if I want it to remember my password, and I say yes, but it still won’t remember the username. Other sites seem not to exhibit this problem. Has anyone else encountered this or know a fix for it?

I have never encountered this problem - KWallet works fine in both Konqueror and chromium; my hunch would be that Google has implemented the HTML5 email input type in gmail for the username which Konqueror does not recognise but Firefox does.

Try chromium and see if the problem disappears - if so, that is the problem.

Konqueror now scores 321 on html5test compared with around 70 eighteen months ago but both Firefox and chromium score over 500.

In spite of that Konqueror has a lot more built-in plugins and features which make it a much more productive environment for research browsing and I’ve recently found that it is a lot more forgiving of syntax errors in websites which cause chromum to freeze.

I tried chromium and, yes, kwallet did fill in both the username and password. So I guess I’ll have to wait for Konqueror’s htlm5 score to improve.