Konqueror - select multiple files

I’ve recently upgraded from OpenSUSE 10.3 to 11.2 but found that I can no longer select multiple files in konqueror using Cntl+"+". Also the “Edit->Selection” menu item is missing. However the konqueror section in the KDE help centre supplied with 11.2, still refers to using Cntl+"+" and Edit->Selection->Select to select multiple files.

So - do I have to switch something on?

Alternatively has konqueror been downgraded at some stage and the documentation not changed to suit? I’ve had a hunt through the forums and cannot find any messages saying this is the case.

However if it is true then is there some other way I can make multiple selections in one window and drag to a second window which is connect to a remote machine using sftp? konqueror always did this quickly and effectively.

Thanks for any help?


David Webb.

As with every file manager I know ctrl + clicking an additional file does add it to the current selection.
Shift + click to add the range from the currently selected one till the last.

So - do I have to switch something on?
Your thinking Cap.:slight_smile:

It’s kde4 now and it’s different.
Do you mean Ctrl (not Cntl)?

Ctrl+ will increase icons size

As far as I can see, there is no option to select by pattern as in KDE3 but, if you click the + in the top left hand corner of an icon, the icon becomes highlighted and - appears in the top left hand corner.

As long as you only click on the + in each of the icons, you can make a multiple selection (or by clicking on the - deselect it which can be helpful if you want all but a few: Ctrl-A and then deselect the ones you don’t want).

If your aim is not quite right, all the rest are deselected and the one you missed remains the selected one.

Once you have all your selection, right click on any icon away from the - in the top left hand corner and whatever right click operation you activate will take place on all of them.

NB If you use Ctrl-A, you also need to miss the - in the top left hand corner when you right click.

Thanks - I guess that is the best I can do. The trouble is that I develop multi-processor code on a small machine and then want to copy all the latest versions of the program files (i.e. *.[Fch]) to a serious machine to do the interesting stuff. At the same time I do not want makefiles or a whole load of other machine specific files to be moved.

There are always ways round problems like this but the old konqueror select was neat, efficient and I used it a lot.


David Webb.

p.s Ignore the join date - I’ve been using SuSE since 6.2.

I use the command line in that circumstance;)