Konqueror repeatedly launches

Several times in the last few days I have been editing system settings, either in Yast or editing the kickoff launcher IIRC, and Konqueror attempts to launch new windows in an infinite loop. This has the effect of a stream of blue bubbles (the Konqueror icon) marching across the task manager from right to left, I mean hundreds of them, until the task manager is just a gigantic blue blob.

Oh the first time this happened I was attempting to submit a bug report because something in KDE crashed, and the bug report window came up automatically, and I believe it was when I clicked to sign up for a KDE forum account from the link in the crash reporter that the crash reporter crashed and the Konqueror invasion began.

Interestingly, this doesn’t seem to lag my system, so perhaps it’s just a graphical artifact. I don’t use Konqueror as default browser btw. I believe in the system monitor Konqueror is not even listed when this happens. In fact, so far it hasn’t seemed to affect anything and eventually it just goes away.

What is this???

Can you post your repo info:

zypper lr -d

I remember having seen this not to long ago in the Forums (even with a nice pic of a panel full with blue blobs).

Forgot if is was solved and how, but a good search might let you find it.