Konqueror problem

After a update a few days ago, i have problems with Konqueror as file manager.
I only see FSmode and the option for icons or details is gone.

Gerrit Jan

What update?
Are you using the KDE:Application repo?

This contains 15.08 RC now, with a KF5 based dolphin. Konqueror is still KDE4 based, and therefore cannot use the dolphin-part any more.

If you want to use Konqueror as file manager, you should switch back Konqueror and Dolphin to the versions included in the openSUSE 13.2 update repo. (15.04.1)
There haven’t been any changes since then anyway.

Yes i have the KDE:Application repo and the KDE: extra repo.
Did not now that, thanks…


problem solved :wink:

FYI, this exact problem is currently being discussed on KDE’s release-team mailinglist.

One proposed solution is to readd dolphin back to kde-baseapps (it got removed there when it got split out to its own git repo), and either rename it to dolphin4 or disable the executable and only build the KPart.

So l hope this will be “fixed” in the final 15.08 release…