Konqueror KWriter hotkey default editor


In Konqueror I would like to set an hotkey to open the
selected file with KWriter like e.g. in Total Commander
on Windows.

For example if I push F3 then file viewer open (emedded
viewer is perfect) and if I push F4 then the KWriter
opens the current file independently the file association.

Is there any chance to do this? Any help is appreciated.


Konqueror -> Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> File Associations

Enter the file extension in the search box to enable its type to be identified; then make sure KWrite is the first application in the list of applications down to open this type of file or add it if necessary.

Clicking on the file gets you the equivalent of F3; as long as KWrite is listed as an option within file associations, right clicking will bring up the list of possible editors and you can choose KWrite from it. Probably quicker than hotkeys once you get the hang of it.