Konqueror is crashing on every url

The title says it all.

I had a similar problem on 13.2, apparently due to “evince-plugin”. But that’s not in the repo, though there are some evince plugins.

The strange thing is that, konqueror was working just fine at first.

Then I ran software updates.
Then I added the multimedia software from packman, following the guide from caf4926.

I rebooted. And now konqueror crashes on every link (with a segfault). And rekonq also crashes.

I’m using firefox at present, and can manage without konqueror. But it would be nice to be able to run it.

Does anyone know which other software is causing the problem?

Konqueror is my preferred web browser. Whenever I have problems - similiar to what you are experiencing - I change the browser engine from webkit to khtml and then change it back to webkit (settings / configure konqueror). It usually seems to resolve the issues (no idea how!). Perhaps it might be worth trying.

That did help. It is still crashing on some sites. But it is no long crashing on all sites.