Konqueror freeze with nfs/automount in 11.0


I’ve just fixed this odd problem we’ve had since we upgraded some of our machines to 11.0 / kde 3.5.x and thought it might be useful to share it in case others have the same problem.

The symptoms are frequent freezes of konqueror when browsing files over nfs. We run our user home directories over nfs with automount and haven’t had similar problems in the past with 10.0 all the way to 10.3.

It turns out the problem was caused when old user accounts were being removed - the home directory that automount points to had been removed, but the entry in /etc/auto.home (and nis) still existed so konqueror was trying to browse to that directory and kept failing, but didn’t give up. Adding the missing directory (or removing the automount entry) solves the problem.

I hope this helps someone in the future!