konqueror "file size view" fit to window

Hi All,

I just installed 11.1 after may problems with KDE 3.5. I am using konqueror 3.5.10.

Konqueror file size view problem with image fit to window. In 11.0 I could choose the size I want to view images. Now with 11.1 I click on the folder with photos and click on top menu section “file size view” icon. I can NOT change the viewing size to fit window. The photo is to big and only show the top left hand corner.

Here is an image when I click on the “file size view”.

Click in the screen, press control + “-” simultaniously. See what happens. There’s also a Zoom option in the top menu.

Thanks for the reply was waiting for someone to help…

the crt + _ did not work, when you say click on screen are you say desktop or folder or the icon file size view. Well I tried every where and nothing worked I still get the funny squares as I screen shot above.

I never say a zoom at the top???