konqueror does not show man pages

my Konqueror under kde 3.5.9 does not show any man pages when I enter “# ls” in the location bar.
Instead, it gives the following error message:

KDE Man Viewer Error
No man page matching to ls found.
Check that you have not mistyped the name of the page that you want. Be careful that you must take care about upper case and lower case characters!
If everything looks correct, then perhaps you need to set a better search path for man pages, be it by the environment variable MANPATH or a matching file in the directory /etc .

Will someone be able to tell me how to do this or something else wrong?
BTW, command line man works fine in a terminal window.

as root in terminal run “mandb”

also, have NO SPACES between “#” and “ls”. Therefore, type “#ls


no space then works
Thanks a lot:)

cool …