Konqueror crashes with nspluginviewer error.

since installing openSUSE (linux, konqueror (3.5.9 release 49.1) gets an error about nspluginviewer not found. Backtrace mentions flashplayer. Search of system shows nspluginviewer in following locations:
Location size date
/usr/bin 81748 2008-06-08
/opt/kde3/bin 134656 2008-06-06

Which is the correct one and which file points konqueror to it?

rpm -qa |grep konqueror


about konqueror:
Konqueror 3.5.9 (using KDE3.5.9 “release 49.1” openSUSE 11.0)

Thanks for any help.

The only time I have seen something like that with konqueror was on a failing hard drive. Does this happen when you first launch konqueror, or when you try to open a specific file.

How confident are you that your installation was good? Can you compare:
a. the md5sum listed on openSUSE site for 11.0 against
b. the md5sum calcluated from the iso file on your hard drive for the opensuse11.0 downlaod against
c. the md5sum from your burned installation cd/dvd

I got this on every BETA and RC with opensuse 11, but nobody fixed it (i reported it on bugzilla). I’ve (unfortunately) stopped using konqueror (not totally because of it, but partly)

I put a failing hard drive in with RC1 and I got that error. When I removed the failing hard drive, the error disappeared. …

I had the same the first few days…
Now that I have updated all files and installed Gnome next to KDE3.5 & KDE4.0 I have had no more of these messages.
(both my HDD’s are new, so that could not have been the problem).

I have new hard drives. I didn’t get this on 10.3, but only only 11 (beta’s and RC - I haven’t installed GM yet).

Did you do a clean install or an upgrade to 11.0?

Clean install of RC1. When I Install 11GM i’ll check back :wink: Thanks oldcpu

I checked all of my downloads from the repo’s with md5sum, all checked correct. I last installed RC1 and then upgraded from the repo’s. I had this problem since alpha1. No indication hard drive is failing, my drive are about 1 year old. I’ll check logs. I do not get nspluginviewer fails on Firefox 3.0.

The failures occur typically when I open certain url’s, that appear to use the flashplayer.

I noticed a lot of krashes when visiting The Weather Network - Your Source for Weather Forecasts and Current Conditions

Did you go one step further and check the md5sum on the burned installed CD/DVD vs the md5sum on the openSUSE website?

Yes I checked the DVD. After some recent KDE updates it does not occur so often but still occurs. See it most often on the weather underground website.