Konqueror cannot connect to internet

I am not able to connect to the internet through Konqueror. The LAN (static)is however connected and Firefox works fine. However,Konqueror always gives the page not found message.I have also set the proxy correctly in Konqueror settings.

Could someone suggest what the problem could be ?I am also not able to connect to the repositories using the package manager (to update the diff xml files)

However, the package manager works fine while i use my wi-fi (DHCP)

There is something in the LAN settings that i am not able to zero in on…

What kind of Proxy is used in your network?

If you search these forums (including a few posts by me) there can be issues connecting behind ISA…

I myself posted exactly the same scenario as what you describe, I can configure a web browser like FF for the web proxy, but SuSE’ own Proxy configuration won’t work. I also posted my own solution which was to at least temporarily turn off User Authentication completely.