konqueror and bluetooth


when I clik on the icon of kbluetooth, konqueror tell me “bluetooth protocol not supported”. The other services work very well and I can receive and send files from/to my cell phone. Somebody can help me? Thanks.

have you started the bluetooth services ?


Of course, indeed, I can receive and send files. Actually everything works well other than konqueror.

I have the same problem :frowning: Using OpenSUSE 11 & KDE 4.0.99. Oh, and I have bluetooth software from KDE3 installed, although the error was also with software for KDE4.
In SUSE 10.3 everything was OK, but now I have the above problem. Other bluetooth services works fine.
Do you have any ideas, how to get it fixed?


I have the same problem aswell. I am able to send files to my phone, even though it doesnt seem to be paried. But I cannot access the services in konqueror either. I get the same bluetooth protocol error!

If i change the view mode of konqueror to tree view I can click on the plus to expand a folder. Then I can see the files and copy them off to local folder. In icon view it fails.