Kongqueror doesn't start flash automatically

I have to click the bar in the flash window with label start plugin to start the streaming. Konqueror kde 4.2. Anyone knows where the switch is? Thanks in advance.

Opps, I misspell the title (konqueror). If by chance a moderator drop by in this thread please kindly correct it.

This is what it looks like.

I ran out of time editing my post sorry.:slight_smile:
This is what it looks like.
If there is a workaround to autoplay the flash please do post and it will be highly appreciated.

It’s a pity cause I find this new konqueror faster and prettier than firefox.:slight_smile:

It seems like it’s playing the flash automatically now.
CPU priority for plugins is set to low made the trick;)
Hopefully it will stick and live happily ever after.
Thanks for reading this lonely one man thread.:stuck_out_tongue: