kolor-manager package in the official repositories for opensuse Leap 42.1 and 42.2 KDE 5

Hello comminuti,
please, can you include kolor-manager package in the official repositories for opensuse Leap 42.1 and 42.2 KDE 5? I have been using for years kolor-manager package in opensuse kde 4 and it worked perfectly. I have calibrated my monitor with specific ICC profile created with X-Rite i1Pro 2 and kolor-manager load it at start of the system, apply corrections and it works without any incompatibility.

DispcalGUI does not work fine and has incompatibilities like whit redshift.

The colord-kde package is useless, in KDE 4 and KDE 5. Does not apply the icc color profile to calibrate monitor, when applied icc with corlod-kde does nothing and kolor-manager yes. The colord-kde package is useless.

I would like to have calibrated my monitor. If you are a photography professional you need it…


No, sorry.

It hasn’t been released yet in a KF5 version.

There is a WIP port, but that also requires unreleased git versions of other stuff to even being able to build it.

Thanks, I’m sorry too :frowning:

Well, there may be other options.
But I cannot help here, because I never used color management at all.
(colord-kde’s development seems quite active, but I don’t know whether there’s a KF5 release already or if it’s packaged for openSUSE)

And of course as soon as it is available, a KF5 kolor-manager likely will be packaged if possible, in KDE:Extra or some home repos at least.

It’s just impossible to add it to the official Leap 42.1 (and 42.2) repos, as it isn’t released yet (and both 42.1 and 42.2 are “frozen” in the sense that they do not accept new packages any more).

PS: colord-kde is available for openSUSE, but only the old 0.3.0 version that’s also KDE4 based.
As I just saw, 0.4.0 got released two days ago, I will have a look in upgrading the package in KDE:Extra.
PPS: Unfortunately, colord-kde 0.4.0 is also still KDE4-based, so this won’t help… The git master branch is KF5 based though, so maybe a KF5 version will be released soon.

It may even be possible to get kolor-manager (or colord-kde for that matter) to work in Plasma5.
See here: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=347154
(though the command in comment#1 should probably be “qdbus org.kde.kded /kded org.kde.kded.loadModule kolorserver”, the “qdbus” seems to have gone missing)

I haven’t tried that here though, and have no idea whether it works or not (the last comment suggests it doesn’t, but that doesn’t prove anything either).

Thank you very much. colord-kde is useless, does nothing with iccs.

Ok, I built the WIP KF5 port of kolor-manager for you if you want to try it.

As mentioned, you also need newer unreleased versions of oyranos and synnefo, and also elektra which is not available at all in openSUSE yet.
Also, IIRC, you need to update icc-examin as well.
All necessary stuff should be in that repo.

If you already have these things installed, it may be a good idea to do a full switch to the repo, or switch all contained packages manually in YaST.
I have no idea how good/bad version mixtures would work…

It seems to work here, but I haven’t really tested the actual color management, and I only gave it a quick test on 13.2, not Leap.

Thank you so much.
It works. But you have to load the icc profile each time you start the system because it does not allow you to give the “Apply” button and save the changes.


Have I do zypper dup to your repo?

zypper dup --from home:wolfi323:kolor-manager ?



Do I have to install another package? elektra?

Well, that’s the current state.
AFAICS the “kolor-server” is not ported and included yet, I suppose that one would be responsible to apply your settings on login (and may be necessary for the Apply button to work).

No, AFAICS the installed packages all come from my repo.
I just wasn’t sure if the dependencies are strict enough.

Do I have to install another package? elektra?

Not as far as I know.
Elektra basically is a general library that’s needed to build it.
And synnefo itself only contains the icon.
liboyranos-sane would probably be needed for scanning though.

oyranos-config-synnefo seems to be a different configuration GUI for oyranos.
The man page says:

Synnefo - Color Management Configuration.

uses the Oyranos CMS to provide the ability to set and examine device profiles, as well as to change system-wide color settings.

So you may have a look at that.

As I wrote, I don’t have any experience with that stuff. I just happened to try building (and running) kolor-manager (the KF5 port) a few weeks ago out of curiosity, that’s why I was able to provide you packages.

Thank you very much!
You are great!

Yes, I know that! :wink:

Well, not really.

Why do you say that now?
Was there something I mentioned that helped you?
Please mention it, it may help others too… :wink:

Thank you for trying to do it works.
Works but adjustments are not recorded, but at least it works.
I just hope kolor-manager finally works fine in KF5.

An update on this, even though you wrote colord doesn’t offer the things you want:
Apparently the 0.4.0 “release” was an accident.
0.5.0 got actually released 4 days ago, and is indeed KF5 based.
It is already in KDE:Extra and Factory now.

It’s still too late to submit it to 42.2 though.

And regarding the not working “Apply” button in kolor-manager, this is even mentioned in the README file as I noticed meanwhile:

-----CURRENT ISSUES (FIXME)----------------------------------------------------

The following issues, shall be forwarded as “FIXMEs” from here on:

-The configuration has to be ported to a Oyranos configure object to manipulate
settings and then apply at once. This is currently not possible, as each setting
is imediately applied to the Oyranos settings DB.

-Camera support needs to be outlined first


So, work in progress…

And some more information:
There is even this bug report where today the maintainer of kolor-manager and oyranos replied again (so I noticed it):

Maybe add a comment, but as he wrote:

As always: help is welcome

@wolfi323 Thank you for your packaging work. (I am studying how you set paths, handle dependencies etc.)

The Oyranos/KolorManager git devel Packages are updated:

The packages colord v1.33 and colord-kde v0.5 works perfectly now. The icc color profile remains loaded.

Yeah, I did manage to rush colord-kde 0.5.0 into 42.2 (just a few days before the 42.2 release)… :wink:

kolor-manager/KF5 didn’t make it (because it wasn’t released yet), but the latest stable version is also available meanwhile from the extra multimedia:color_management repo (thanks to bekun, who actually is one of the upstream developers), and the devel version from home:bekun:devel as mentioned in bekun’s previous post. (the repo I created is still available too, but it’s just a link to that and I’ll probably remove it again)