Newbie Question–

I just installed openSUSE 11.1 ppc64 on my iMac G5 PowerPC.

I cannot find KWord or any other word processing application.

I have the koffice, koffice-extra, and koffice-illustration packages installed from the Office Pattern in YaST.

OpenOffice packages will not install from that pattern–the error reads:

nothing provides OpenOffice_org needed by pattern:office-11.1-71.1.ppc

Any ideas how to get a word processor for openSUSE 11.1ppc64 using KDE4

YaST - software management, use the search function for koffice & select & install


I have the koffice, koffice-extra, and koffice-illustration packages installed from the Office Pattern in YaST.

Right…I did that.

But where is the word processor application?

I have Office Suite (KOffice workspace/KDE3), KWrite (text editor)…

Where does the word processor application live?

If it is KWord…I don’t seem to have it…it it’s something else…I can’t seem to find it.

Scratching my head…

Hmmm, very strange,should be there.Just done a search


Yeah…that is exactly what I am looking for but can’t find anywhere in YaST.

I am downloading the source right now and I will try to compile it with

su -c checkinstall

…still a little sketchy on that as a newbie.

If you are going the compile way, make sure you have :-

kernel sources

As a minimum installed for compiling


Thanks…the make file is preparing now…I loaded many of the development libraries after install.

File is still making…

I hit a snag in the make process.

make[4]: *** [kis_perspective_math.lo] Error 1

There is something wrong in this:

kis_perspective_math.cpp:27:22: error: iostream.h: No such file or directory

Not sure what exactly to do at this point. There are a few bug reports and patches for Gentoo on the web for KOffice…probably the same issue, but nothing for openSUSE.

Any ideas?

Strange question, but…

Can a Gentoo patch be used in openSUSE?


I figured out that the repositories for the PowerPC are not set to update “out-of-the-box” in openSUSE 11.1.

There is a Bug reported in the Most Annoying Bugs page:

Bugs:Most Annoying Bugs 11.1 - openSUSE

You have to manually set the new repostories in YaST in order to download KOffice Applications.

I know for a fact, based on this thread:

Opensuse 11.1 (PPC) Install - openSUSE Forums

that this issue has turned away the less adventurous PPC Users. I think that it should be in BLARING BOLD TYPE on the openSUSEppc64 download page…would really help the openSUSE image for ppc users get started on the right foot…straight away.

Phew!! Onward and Upward!

Ah, didn’t know that, don’t use ppc personally.Thanks for pointing it out. Anyway, glad you got it sorted,now enjoy